Helsinki Contemporary
Helsinki Contemporary collaborates with some 24 Nordic artists, but with a focus on those from Finland. We put on eleven exhibitions a year. Besides Gallery exhibitions, we produce shows and events in temporary spaces and public places. The Gallery also has an extensive sales collection of works by Gallery artists.

Helsinki Contemporary is in the heart of Helsinki. The Gallery space spans 200 m2 and is unique in its style, having been designed by architect Sari Kukkasniemi and one of the most acclaimed designers in Finland, Ilkka Suppanen. The Gallery space is complemented by a showroom that is used for displaying works not in the exhibitions.

The professional team behind Helsinki Contemporary consists of operative staff, a curating group of art professionals who are responsible for artistic policy and quality, and an active board.

Helsinki Contemporary’s partner is Helsingin Taidepalvelu.

Since 2011, Helsinki Contemporary has been continuing the successful work that Gallery Kalhama & Piippo Contemporary began in 2007.