Corporate collaboration

Helsinki Contemporary seeks to engage in a meaningful discussion between the art world and the corporate world. The nature, duration and depth of the collaboration can vary from a one-off event to a long-term commitment to an individual artist, but involvement in art always leaves a valuable mark on the organization and is worthwhile and beneficial in itself. For example, art-related projects are an outstanding way of fulfilling social responsibilities or of building up a brand image and telling a story. They also provide an innovative and rewarding way of engaging and inspiring people – whether they be the company’s own staff or clients.

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Art Patron
A collaboration between Helsinki Contemporary and Krogerus, a premiere business law firm launched Helsinki Contemporary’s new partnership model Art Patron. The collaboration is visible on Krogerus’ website, where Ilari Hautamäki’s art sets the background and mood for browsing.

Art Patron is a new partnership model developed by Helsinki Contemporary that brings the contents of art to the core of business activities. It aims to build with each Art Patron partner a meaningful and wide-ranging collaboration based on the values and goals of the company and to support and diversify the independent work of artists, and bring forward the increasing importance of art in our changing times.

Through the collaborations, Helsinki Contemporary seeks to develop the visibility and market of contemporary art, and to find new audiences and unprecedented connections that allow art and its methods to come together to deepen discussions and open up change.