Lukas Göthman and Michael Johansson's exhibition has been moved to autumn 2020

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Lukas Götman and Michael Johansson's joint exhibition Repetitions has been moved from May to November 2020.

, a joint exhibition of the Swedish artists Lukas Göthman and Michael Johansson, is a dialogue between two strong and distinct auteurs. Both artists study and open up their subjects through the act of repetition, the works that spread out in the same exhibition space challenge each other and and between them new horizons are born.

Lukas Göthman’s artistic work is based on a series of real and fictitious journeys. His works study the visual impacts of words and letters, the sentences and words repeated in the paintings form abstract compositions. Michael Johansson is best known for his playful, puzzle-like installations, consisting of different objects, that study the possibilities and limits of space. A book on Johansson’s work will be published in conjunction with the exhibition.