Lukas Göthman

Photo: Anna-Lena Ahlström

Lukas Göthman’s abstract paintings often deal with the theme of journeys, both real and imaginary. Texts also play a major role in his art. He himself says that the text always comes first. It might be a short story, a title, or something else. After this comes the painting. Göthman’s themes focus on issues of place and identity. His body of work consists of abstract artworks, one part of which has direct connotations of landscapes, and another consists of text-based works in which a phrase is repeated to create an abstract composition. In addition to painting, Göthman has also worked with performances and site-specific projects.

Lukas Göthman (b. 1970, Sweden) is a self-taught artist. He has exhibited widely in his homeland of Sweden since the early 2000s, and also appeared in exhibitions in various parts of Europe, e.g. the Björkholmen Gallery, Stockholm, 2012, 2010; Circle Suédois, Paris, 2013; and Galleri Magnus Åklundh, Malmö, 2008.