Opening | Jukka Korkeila: Sinä kuljet kohti valoa, joka odottaa elämäsi lopussa
04.08.2022 17:00 - 04.08.2022 19:00

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We will open Jukka Korkeila's solo exhibition You pass towards the light that awaits at the end of your life (Du gehst dem Licht entgegen, das dich gegen Ende deines Lebens erwartet) on Thursday, 4 August at 5–7pm in the presence of the artist. Welcome!

Helsinki Contemporary’s autumn season begins with Jukka Korkeila’s topical solo exhibition, You pass towards the light that awaits at the end of your life. The exhibition, linked with another currently on display at the Finnish Institute in Germany on Berlin’s Friedrichstraße, gathers ideas from the midst of global crises: the Covid-19 pandemic and war have raised questions about life, its finiteness, and gratitude for the joys of everyday moments. The exhibition space will be filled with a selected collection of works created during the last few years, now presented for the first time in Finland – in Korkeila’s fifth solo exhibition at the gallery.

In his art, Jukka Korkeila draws inspiration from controversial social issues. Sexual minorities (LGBTIQA+), a narrow definition of masculinity, limited beauty standards, religion, and spirituality are recurrent themes in his works. These grotesque paintings are brimming with baroque-style pomposity, abundance, and speed yet executed humorously and gently. Korkeila’s works portray a mix of supreme leaders, ample nude bodies, genitals, and Frau Kraft, an artistic figure embodied by Korkeila’s partner, German actor Markus Karger. The ambiguous and thought-provoking works suggest a peaceful and loving compromise – a dialogue between opposite perspectives. 


Thank you to Markus Karger, as well as to The Arts Promotion Centre Finland and The Finnish Cultural Foundation for supporting the artist’s work.

The exhibition will run through September 4, 2022.


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