Opening | Camilla Vuorenmaa: I promised to come back for her birthday
13.10.2022 17:00 - 13.10.2022 19:00

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Welcome to the opening of Camilla Vuorenmaa’s exhibition ’I promised to come back for her birthday’ on Thursday, 13 October at 5–7pm.

Camilla Vuorenmaa’s (b. 1979 in Tampere, Finland) solo show I promised to come back for her birthday is based on the artist’s everyday fantasies and the meaningful action heroes of her youth. In the exhibition, stories and time are layered, the artist’s childhood fears and joys reflected on the now.

Last autumn, Vuorenmaa painted a series of studies of Princess Leia, one of the main characters of the Star Wars movies, portrayed by Carrie Fisher. Along with the series, her first abstraction – painted at the same time – initiated Vuorenmaa’s internal process for this exhibition. “I reminisced about my teenage sources of strength, and Ripley, the androgyne hero of my childhood films, and Princess Leia became part of my new series.”

The exhibition features abstract topics painted on relief-like wooden bases typical of Vuorenmaa. The paintings draw from various influences ranging from tapestries to Finnish modernism, and they include images of dream landscapes. With a two-part audiovisual work completed for this exhibition, Vuorenmaa steps on unfamiliar ground.

The exhibition runs through November 13, 2022.

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Thank you to The Arts Promotion Centre for supporting the artist's work.