Discussion: Emma Ainala & Sara Melleri
14.11.2018 17:00 - 14.11.2018 18:00

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Welcome to follow a discussion with the artists Emma Ainala and Sara Melleri on Wednesday, November 14, at 5 pm at Helsinki Contemporary!

Ainala and Melleri will talk about art and life in the midst of Ainala's exhibition Soft Hardcore, on view 2.-25.11.2018.

The discussion will be held in Finnish.

The paintings and ceramic sculptures in Emma Ainala's exhibition Soft Hardcore originate in her observations of the surrounding world, in discussions about it and, conversely, in her personal pain. Being a woman, sexuality, human relationships and power structures, social roles, the meaning vacuum, escapism, consumerism, the effects of individualism, longing for love, fear – these are just a few of the common threads running through the plethora of Ainala’s themes.

Her works are like kaleidoscopes, highly multi-dimensional, both visually and in their content. She is intrigued by the idea of convolutedness – of how things can be viewed from many different angles, instead of acceding to the pressure to package and squeeze them into some easily understandable form. A painting arises out of the subconscious, the unconscious, providing support for Ainala’s occasionally paradoxical or contradictory subject matter.