After Work with Hannaleena Heiska
15.08.2018 17:00 - 15.08.2018 19:00

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Welcome to meet Hannaleena Heiska and hear more about the themes and inspirations behind her exhibition Camouflage in an after wok event at the Gallery!

Camouflage is Hannaleena Heiska's fifth solo exhibition at Helsinki Contemporary. The exhibition consists of drawings made on paper and sculptural elements cut out of birch plywood. The mediums are velvety charcoal and the brightly coloured pigments of chalk pastels. Heiska has been inspired by make-up and hairstyles developed to cause problems for facial recognition systems. The characters in the series of drawings entitled 'Camouflage' form a unique, anonymous sci-fi tribe, guided by an indefinable time plane and timelessness. In addition to the portraits, the exhibition includes buildings and constructions, fictional shelters.