Madeline Hollander

Madeline Hollander is a New York-based artist and choreographer who works primarily with performance and video to explore how human movement and body-language negotiate their limits within everyday systems of technology, intellectual property law, and mass-culture. Forthcoming projects and exhibitions will be presented at the Whitney Biennial, The Whitney Museum, New York and The Shed, New York.

For the exhibition Future Delay, Madeline Hollander will work in tandem with local dancers to present a choreographic performance that will take place at Helsinki Contemporary during the first two weeks of the exhibition:

Thur, June 6, 6-7 (during opening reception)

Sat, June 8, 2-4pm

Sun, June 9,  2-4pm  

Thur, June 13, 4-6pm  

Sat, June 15, 2-4pm

Sun, June 16,  2-4pm