UPDATE: The gallery will open on June 5 | Helsinki Contemporary is closed in attempts to slow down the spreading of COVID-19

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Helsinki Contemporary will open its doors on Friday, June 5

We follow the authorities' instructions for slowing down the spreading of COVID-19. The Finnish Government's instructions will allow us to open Olli Piippo's exhibition on Friday, June 5 as scheduled. We will pay special attention to the hygiene of the Gallery Space and, if needed, restict the number of visitors.

Our priority is in protecting the health of our clients and staff members. You can reach us via email and phone:

Mikaela Lostedt, mikaela.lostedt@helsinkicontemporary.com / +358 40 7404901
Katja Räisänen, katja.raisanen@helsinkicontemporary.com / +358 50 464 2911
Noora Tuominen, noora.tuominen@helsinkiconotemporary.com
Inna Schwanck, inna.schwanck@helsinkiconotemporary.com

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. The Gallery and Showroom remain open by appointmnent, do not hesitate to contact us.