Tuomas A. Laitinen's new work Protean Sap is released

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Tuomas A. Laitinen's new work Protean Sap is released and available to view until October 15 on tuomasalaitinen.com/proteansap

Tuomas A. Laitinen: Protean Sap, 2020, still

Tuomas A. Laitinen’s new project, Protean Sap, Brighton-based arts charity Lighthouse in partnership with leading digital arts platform Daata, The Finnish Institute
and Helsinki Contemporary. The work consists of augmented reality filters, available via the Lighthouse instagram, and a single-channel video work, with a narrative version viewable 24.9.20 -15.10.20 on http://www.tuomasalaitinen.com/proteansap and an ambient version available to view and buy on Daata.art and Daata Fair.

The work creates a strange, dream-like reality where geometric formations encrust objects and bodies, paired with a mysterious seer’s text.
The forms are drawn from protein chains of viruses, bacteria, and microbial life. These shapes are then changed through simulations into masks and ceremonial artefacts which are morphed in a hallucinatory way.

With the augmented reality filters, the viewer can experience protein structures becoming virtual body augmentations, and receive their own predictions from the seer.

The work is a co-commission from Lighthouse, Daata and The Finnish Institute.

Tuomas A. Laitinen: Prtean Sap, 2020, still