Pilvi Takala's works on display in Mainz, Germany and in Middlesbrough, England

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Pilvi Takala participates in the group exhibition Detail is all opening this Saturday at Kunsthalle Mainz in Germany. The exhibition brings together a number of artistic works from recent decades, contrasting the shift in favour of detail with the exponential multiplicity of offers, opportunities, chances, developments and distractions that characterises our age. The artists of the exhibition deal with the theme of detail in relation to the opportunities and distractions that are characteristic to our age.

The exhibition is open 24.6.–16.10.2016. More information about the exhibition.

Takala's work can also be seen at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art at the Teesside World Exhibition of Art and Technology. The exhibition is an urgent reaction to the recent closure of a steelworks in the area, presenting a showcase of new industrial technology and works by artists who have portrayed Teesside’s steelworks.

The exhibition is open 25.6.–9.10.2016. More information about the exhibition.
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