Pilvi Takala in Dimensions of Sharing at Overgaden

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Pilvi Takala, Players (film still), 2010

Pilvi Takala’s video Players (2010) is screened in group exhibition Dimensions of Sharing at Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art  in Copenhagen. The other participating artists are Suzanna Asp, Maija Luutonen and Sini Pelkki. The focal point of the exhibition is the relationship between private and public. Through a dialogue between the four artists' individual work the exhibition will, from different angles, identify some of the interfaces between private and public spheres, their functions, rules and usages. Established in 1986 by a group of local artists, Overgaden has for more than two decades been among the leading non-profit exhibition spaces for contemporary art in Copenhagen.

The exhibition is open 10.11.2012–20.1.2013.