Rauha Mäkilä, Miikka Vaskola and Henry Wuorila-Stenberg invited to design new covers for Finnish literary classics

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In 2017 WSOY will be publishing a limited edition series of 12 Finnish literary classics with new covers. Each book cover will be recreated by a Finnish contemporary artist, and an exhibition displaying the original artworks will be held at Helsinki Contemporary at the end of 2017. The original artworks will be sold at auction, and the funds will be donated to charity.

Readers get to vote which books will be redesigned, and the result of the vote will be announced at the Helsinki Book Fair 2016 in October. You can participate in the vote here.

The book series will be published as a part of Finland’s centenary year 2017. Other artists besides Rauha Mäkilä, Miikka Vaskola and Henry Wuorila-Stenberg designing the new book covers are Saara Ekström, Klaus Haapaniemi, Karoliina Hellberg, Kuutti Lavonen, Jani Leinonen, Heikki Marila, Stiina Saaristo, Anu Tuominen and Anna Tuori.