Helsinki Contemporary presents at CHART Art Fair 2019 a curated duo of works by Heidi Lampenius and Perttu Saksa

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Helsinki Contemporary is proud to present at CHART ART FAIR 2019 a curated duo of works by photographic artist Perttu Saksa and painter Heidi Lampenius.

Both artists explore elements of the environment and nature, but from a different perspective. Where Saksa moves from a personal experience in West Africa to wider themes of global warming, Lampenius moves from the universality of physical phenomena to the individual experience of our surroundings. The dark tones of Saksa’s photographs act as a contrast to the soft and intense colours of Lampenius’ paintings. Both Saksa’s and Lampenius’ works reveal forms and formalities we are not normally able to see: Saksa uses light to bring forward something that is invisible, Lampenius works by removing pigment from the surface of her works, thus revealing and creating forms from underneath the layers of paint and ink.

HEIDI LAMPENIUS works with inks and acrylic on canvas. She creates the subjects and patterns in her works by removing paint with water. Lampenius approaches her subject, on the one hand, by studying and reading maths and physics theories in relation to the environment, time and existence, and, on the other hand, by painting the landscape she knows and experiences. 
In the series of paintings titled Wavelengths an invisible energy, a wave motion, is traced out on the canvas, made visible in compositions and vibrations of bright colours.


PERTTU SAKSA’s photographic series Maps of Essence deals with man’s relationship with energy and its significance for humanity.  Saksa was interested in the concrete nature of the topic while traveling in Western Africa: oil and energy as a structural component of society and its localization as a physical element on the human level. Saksa through-lit petrol canisters, so that the light permeated the layer of mud covering the containers and the cloudy petrol, thus generating a series of intense, abstract works. Despite this reductive approach, the images’ abstract subject matter, petrol, began to seem individual and tangible.

You can preview our booth on ARTSY.