Helsinki Contemporary in Turku Art Museum's new collection exhibition

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Jukka Korkeila, Putoaminen, 2011, oil on canvas, 100 x 60 cm. Collection: Turku Art Museum

Hannaleena Heiska, Jukka Korkeila, Maiju Salmenkivi and Miikka Vaskola are presented in Turku Art Museums's new collection exhibition. Collected Works showcases the collection of Turku Art Museum from the perspective of stories. The selection consists of approximately one hundred works, ranging from older literary favourites to personal narratives in contemporary art. The exhibition examines the way familiar stories and literary figures live in visual art, and also what new and hitherto unknown stories are told in the works of art. The show is a journey of discovery into the museum collection and the viewer’s imagination.

The exhibition is open February 15th onwards.