Hannaleena Heiska's solo exhibition at Turku Art Museum

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Hannaleena Heiska's mid-career retrospectibe opens at Turku Art Museum on February 8th, 2019

Hannaleena Heiska: Camouflage XX, 2018

Hannaleena Heiska often finds her inspiration from the imageries and genres of popular culture. Working serially, she investigates the potentials of science and the mysteries of life and existence. In the fantasy creatures in her pictures, the sombre darkness of heavy metal music co-exists with the romantic sentimentality of kitsch. Some of the pictures recall the nocturnal scenes of rain and fog in the movie Blade Runner. The demanding wet-on-wet technique brings a sense of softness, lightness and airiness to the works. The show consists of paintings and drawings, the earliest of which are from 2007, the most recent from 2018.

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