Birgir Snæbjörn Birgisson’s Ladies, Beautiful Ladies in Reykjavík

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Birgir Snæbjörn Birgisson, Ladies, Beautiful Ladies

Birgir Snæbjörn Birgisson’s exhibition Ladies, Beautiful Ladies has opened at Listasafn ASÍ in Reykjavík on September 13th. The two-part exhibition will open in Helsinki Contemporary in November.

The exhibition project follows up on the latest developments of the artists’s ongoing project focusing on the question of politics of representation addressed through the visual negotiations of blondes in cultural environments. Birgisson presents a variety of works that reach from painting on canvas via installation to works on paper. What connects all the different works is the question of how identities are made and shaped, distributed and retold, rooted and rebounded. Ladies, Beautiful Ladies is curated by Mika Hannula.

The exhibition is open 13.9.-5.10.2014.

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