Talking Curator: Michael Petry
07.06.2017 16:30 - 07.06.2017 17:30

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Has word lost it’s significance? Many predicted that with the introduction of text, and writing on phones, that language would be debased and fall from the focus of modern thought, yet the opposite has happened. Words, no matter how they are spelled or pronounced, whether used with ‘good’ grammar or not, they are now passed from one electronic devise to another almost as much as kitty cat memes.

What form of synesthesia of non-linguistic thinking do the textual and visual together enable?

Join us for a sneak peek at The Book of the WORD and discuss the themes of the exhibition with curator Michael Petry on Wednesday, 7 June at 4:30–5:0 pm. The event is open for public.

The word is yours – welcome!

Michael Petry has been invited to Helsinki Contemporary as part of the new HC Guest Curator programme. Through the programme, an international curator is annually invited to get acquainted with the Finnish contemporary art field and to realise an exhibition at Helsinki Contemporary. In the framework of the programme, the aim is to present a bold international exhibition showcase in Helsinki, introduce a new content viewpoint to the gallery's exhibition programme and to support the work of artists represented by the gallery, as well as to integrate experts more closely into the Finnish contemporary art field and to expand the network of experts.

Our partners for the HC Guest Curator programme are Frame Finland and HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme.