Helsinki Contemporary presents at Market Art Fair works by Elina Brotherus and Aki Turunen
12.05.2023 11:00 - 14.05.2023 17:00

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Helsinki Contemporary presents at Market Art Fair 2023 a curated booth with Elina Brotherus’ photographic artworks and Aki Turunen’s paintings. Both artists, working in different mediums, have an art-historical approach to their work and a shared interest in humanity and nature. Showing these two artists together creates an extraordinary, multi-layered duo presentation.

Elina Brotherus' new series of photographic artworks is related to John Baldessari. In 2021 Brotherus was invited to work at the Château de Bois-Héroult in France as part of the ‘Voisins de Campagne’ project. During her residency period Brotherus produced images that deal with the landscape theme and make use of the manor's impressive parks. Initially Brotherus started working with the Baldessari theme in 2016. A project that brings together heritage and the present was a natural point to refer to the artist in more detail, and in autobiographical way.

Aki Turunen's new series of paintings for Market Art Fair is based on the eroticism drawing from pictorial tradition of medieval manuscripts. Turunen's work draws inspiration from Hieronymus Bosch's dreamlike apocalyptic visions, artistic imaginations influenced by the trans-avant-garde, Iranian miniatures and Japanese ukiyo-e woodcuts. By shaping traditional tools to his own use and combining a personal narrative to images drawn from history, Turunen approaches a shared human experience through his paintings.

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