From Gallery to Museum – a discussion about the possibilities and impossibilities in painting
07.05.2016 13:00 - 07.05.2016 15:00

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On the first weekend of Matthias Dornfeld's exhibition Karussell a discussion about painting with Artists Hannaleena Heiska and Miikka Vaskola as well as Curator Mika Hannula is arranged.

The discussion challenges to ponder the attributes of painting, exhibition entireties and especially the differences and similarities of gallery and museum exhibitions. Together we'll confront basic questions in painting: how and in what context is painting meaningful and possible? And when does it turn impossible?

The discussion is based on Heiska's and Vaskola's recent museum exhibitions, the first comprehensive ones in both's careers, Heiska's in the Gothenburg Museum of Art April through August 2015 and Vaskola's about to end at Turku Art Museum in the beginning of May 2016.

The discussion is held in Finnish.

Vaskola's new paintings are presented in the gallery Showroom during Dornfeld's exhibition. Heiska's new work is part of the Field trip group show at the gallery in June.