Artist talk and discussion: Mikko Hintz, Inga Meldere & Mikaela Lostedt
08.12.2019 14:00 - 08.12.2019 15:00

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Welcome to learn more about the backgrounds and themes behind Mikko Hintz and Inga Meldere's joint exhibition Hidden matter in a discussion between the artists and curator Mikaela Lostedt on Sunday, December 8!

The artists have worked in parallel with new works, under the same title but still creating two independent series of works.

Mikko Hintz works with abstract painting. His new works explore the relationship of form, colour and the painterly process. Hintz has found interesting shapes in surfboards and sails, shields and kites and other everyday objects and has created the outlines for his interpretation of these in custom-built stretchers. Some composition give hints towards the original use and structure of the shapes, the mood and character of a given form leads the painting itself. One could read the works both as painted objects or sculpted paintings, they exist in and communicate strongly with the surrounding space.

The works are reminiscent of abstract expressionism and colour field painting, and the shaped surfaces create a sculptural character. The act of painting is a negotiation between the painterly gesture and the given shape of the painting. Hintz’s works challenge the common ideas of perception and encourage different ways of viewing and experiencing painting.

Inga Meldere starts her artistic process with research. By diving into stories and art history she finds such an abundance of material that each finished work could be a starting point to a new exhibition. One could say that her paintings are a combination of research both outside and inside the studio. Meldere is also interested in ways of painting and ways of perception, how the mind and reason interact with the senses, the realm of the body.

For this exhbition, Meldere studied the relationship between Henri Matisse and his model and long time muse, Lydia. This functioned as one entry point to the subject of caring. Questions of how we care, what are the power structures lying behind these acts, and what are the tools in acts of caring have been central. Lydia was not just a model, but also a studio assistant and life partner until the end of Matisses’ life. Meldere draws attention to emancipation, gender equality and feminine symbols in our society. Through introducing the visual element of a scarf - a feminine accessory and symbol of social status - she addresses these matters, but also uses the symmetry of the scarf design as a tool for the composition of the painting.

Meldere’s works are combinations of printing and painting. The UV-printing is often a link to the archival material she encounters while researching. The finished work is always a carefully balanced, delicate and refined painting.

The discussion will be held in English.

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